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Trademark registration rules and procedures

Trademark registration rules and procedures

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Trademarks are the most understandable and demanded intellectual property objects.

The copyright holder becomes a monopolist in relation to his trademark, can use it alone, prohibiting use by any other person, or not allow use to any extent on the basis of licensing agreements. An exclusive right arises for the trademark.

The course is intended for students who want to improve their qualifications. For managers and specialists of legal, financial and economic departments.

Course Developers:
A.V. Ryabinin
- Ombudsman for Copyright and Patent Law, Intellectual Property under the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Russia, Doctor of Economics
O.I. Tereshchenko - Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Patent Law and Legal Protection of Individualization Means.

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The course "Procedure, rules and procedures for registering trademark rights" plays a leading role in the professional training of specialists in the field of legal, financial and economic activities.

Course content:
• Fundamentals of trademark law
• System of state regulation of trademark protection
• Field of activity
• Barriers to registration
• Registration and filing of an application for a trademark
• Special legal regimes: well-known and collective marks

When implementing an additional professional program, distance learning technologies (case-learning), e-learning, implemented through online forms, are used.
Listeners are provided with access to the course materials for 90 days.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBook electronic library system and the YURAYT electronic library, as well as to the Garant. Education ".

After completing the course, based on the test results, a Qualification certificate and a Certificate of advanced training of the established form are issued.