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The psychology of conflict

The psychology of conflict

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The life of a modern business person is overloaded with complex situations that require the ability to resolve numerous contradictions between people. Most often these are various conflicting interactions in the course of performing official duties.

The course "Psychology of Conflict" is aimed at obtaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in diagnosing and resolving conflicts, mastering forecasting technologies, regulating conflict in various situations, as well as achieving greater literacy in resolving conflicts at various levels.

The course is intended for students who want to improve their professional qualifications. For executives and management professionals, knowledge in this area is of paramount importance.

After studying this course, students will get acquainted with the basic forms of behavior in conflict situations; learn to analyze the sources, objective and subjective causes of conflict situations in the professional sphere; will master the tools of analysis (research) of current, past and forthcoming conflicts, methods of preventing and constructively resolving conflicts in professional activities, technologies of the negotiation process and conflict management.

Course developer: Yu.A. Gnidina - candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor, university teacher with more than 20 years of experience, specialist in the field of theory and philosophy of state and law, social philosophy, theory of politics, conflict management. Author of over 40 publications, including two monographs and several textbooks.

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The course "Psychology of Conflict" takes a leading role in the professional training of specialists and leaders, especially in the field of management.

Course content:
• Causes and structural and dynamic characteristics of the conflict
• Typology of conflicts
• Interpersonal conflicts. Peculiarities of conflicts in the link "manager-subordinate"
• Intrapersonal conflict and psychological protection
• The main ways of resolving conflicts
• Psychological conditions for preventing conflicts

When implementing an additional professional program, distance learning technologies (case-learning), e-learning, implemented through online forms, are used.
Listeners are provided with access to the course materials for 90 days.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBook Electronic Library System and the YURAYT Electronic Library, as well as to the Consultant Plus Help System.

After completing the course, based on the test results, a Qualification certificate and a Certificate of advanced training of the established form are issued.