– 5 years
PRICE –  69,000 rubles per year


The program is focused on training qualified specialists in the field of the organization's economics. Qualified teachers, a high level of theoretical and practical training in a wide range of economic disciplines and the use of modern technologies in the learning process open up ample opportunities for students and graduates of the Institute for career growth and professional self-realization. 


The economic results and sustainable development of the company largely depend on the quality of management decisions and the professionalism of the employees. Planning skills, the ability to delve into the details of daily business activities, the use of modern technologies are mandatory requirements for the management of an organization.


People are the main resource of a successful company. Building a team of professionals, developing leadership qualities, competent distribution of responsibilities, training and retention of personnel, labor rationing, the use of effective methods of material incentives - all these issues are of paramount importance both for large companies and for small and medium-sized businesses.


  Higher education programs have passed professional and public accreditation by the Accreditation Council of the Association of Managers of the Russian Federation and the Accreditation Council of the Free Economic Society of the Russian Federation.


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