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MMBA program (educational course)

MMBA program (educational course)

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"Master of Business Administration - MBA" is a business education program that allows you to develop strategic management skills, use a set of tools to improve the efficiency and development of the company.

Training under the program is designed to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in all areas of business, acquire skills and abilities to optimize the company's management, correctly build the company's financial strategy, taking into account possible risks and calculate future profits, manage the marketing department, analyze the economic and financial side business processes of a small or large enterprise.

The program is designed to train leaders of organizations and structural divisions, entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge in a particular area of ​​business, specialists in these areas, planning further career growth.

The program is aimed at training professional leaders with a systemic vision for solving the strategic and tactical tasks of the company, aimed at successful results of entrepreneurial activity, taking into account the international, national, socio-economic characteristics of the country of doing business.

Students gain access to the most comprehensive knowledge base with comprehensive information on building a business, as well as the experience of successful entrepreneurs from around the world.


The effectiveness and efficiency of MBA programs has been proven through the use of the experience of business owners and theorists of practical sciences such as economics, marketing, human resource management and others.

The Master of Business Administration - MBA program was developed by leading specialists of the Institute of Economics and Management in Industry with the participation of entrepreneurs who have practical experience in managing companies in all areas of business. Our teachers are leading economists, top managers, candidates and doctors of economic sciences with active Russian and international business practice.

Training under the program is designed for 1.5 years. Students sequentially study 15 modules on the system, strategy and tactics of management. Each of these modules is dedicated to a specific aspect of business management: financial management, personnel management, sales management, etc.

Training also provides for the choice of specialization, where a number of special courses will be considered, the study of which assumes the curriculum of the program.

Throughout the entire training period, students receive scientific and practical support and consultation by experts from the Institute and business representatives.

As a result of the training, students will master modern analytical and applied management tools, methods in management, methods of diagnosis, identification and solution of business problems, as well as methods of decision-making and their implementation in practice.

Graduates of the program are able to solve various problems in business: from hiring employees and the ability to build the right motivation system to planning a long-term and short-term development strategy. They know how to put ideas into practice, taking into account the peculiarities of different sales markets, know the intricacies of accounting and understand financial planning.

As a result of mastering the program, students will be able to:
• take on the responsibilities of a leader or top manager in an organization
• make effective management decisions in the face of changes and uncertainty
• analyze and model business processes aimed at commercializing business ideas and innovative development of companies
• develop roadmaps for creating a new business, use a set of modern management tools at all levels of the management system for businesses at the stage of competitive sustainability
• build a development strategy and improve existing business processes
• organize an efficient structure of the company
• propose new ideas for development and methods of their implementation
• optimize and improve the current activities of the organization
• flexibly and promptly respond to business situations
• transfer knowledge and experience to all employees of the company
• solve specific business issues

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Program content (large sections of course):

1. Scientific foundations of business. Economics and Law
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Enterprise development strategy. Strategic Management
4. Management
5. Finances in the organization
6. Accounting and reporting
7. Analysis and research methods in business
8. Marketing Management
9. Sales Management
10. Human Resource Management
11. International business environment and foreign economic activity
12. Information technologies in management
13. Organizational Behavior
14. Personal Effectiveness Skills
15. Block of special disciplines in the corresponding areas of specialization.

When implementing the "Master of Business Administration - MBA" program, distance educational technologies (case training), e-learning, implemented through network forms, are used.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBooks Electronic Library System and the YURAYT Electronic Library, as well as to the Consultant Plus Help System.

After passing the program, based on the results of mandatory full-time (or online) testing, a Qualification Certificate and a Diploma of Professional Retraining of the established form are issued. The diploma is issued in the relevant area of ​​specialization in full accordance with the block of special disciplines selected in the last half of the year.