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Refresher courses and professional retraining for accountants: why are they necessary?

Every company needs accounting. Financial and business accounting, payment of wages, reporting to government agencies, audit – all this falls on the accountant’s shoulders. Their work is further complicated by the fact that laws, types of reporting often change, and companies change legal form and types of activities. Therefore, a highly qualified accountant and especially a chief accountant must always be aware of all novelty in legislation for effective work. This knowledge is also necessary for those who want to retrain as an accountant – success in employment and further career growth depend on it.

How do advanced training courses help an accountant and a company?

Refresher courses will allow an accountant to deepen knowledge in the field of accounting, taxation, gain new knowledge from related areas or learn new business software.

According to statistics from business portals, the salary of a chief accountant with a wide range of competencies is significantly higher. Why are employers willing to pay more to a highly qualified accountant?

  • Learning new accounting methods and specialized programs helps the accountant to optimize the work process, to perform calculations and financial analysis more efficiently.
  • Knowledge of changes in legislation allows company to reduce the tax burden and avoid serious fines from the inspection authorities.
  • Knowledge of the basics of internal audit helps the chief accountant to pass external and internal audits in the company. For the same purpose, accountants must be familiar with the tax, administrative and civil codes.
  • Combining the functions of chief accountant and financial director requires mastering the basics of budgeting and financial analysis for effective cash flow management.

Professional accountancy retraining

The Institute of Economic and Management in Industry offers professional accountancy retraining courses.

We designed all courses are design taking into account modern trends in the field of accountancy.

In the learning process, you solve the following tasks:

  • obtaining a system of knowledge about the structure, mechanism of functioning and development of the accounting and reporting system in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • studying of methods of government influence through tax instruments on the economic development of business entities;
  • systematization and structuring of the main problems in the field of accounting, reporting, analysis, development and execution of financial plans;
  • the ability to analyze and make calculations of the main financial and economic indicators of the activities of business;
  • the ability to maintain accounting records of various organizational and legal forms in companies;
  • the ability to analyze and audit the activities of enterprises.

You can take courses remotely without interrupting your professional activity.

Upon completion of refresher courses or professional retraining, you get a certificate or diploma on the completion of training under the program of additional vocational education.

Do you need refresher courses or professional accountancy retraining? Call us: +7 (499) 464-56-55

We offer the following courses:

5800.00 RUB
from 2900.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
6800.00 RUB
from 3400.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
11800.00 RUB
from 5900.00 RUB
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