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Refresher courses and professional retraining for managers and marketers

Business always requires constant investment in self-development. Without striving for new knowledge, it is impossible to become a top manager or director of company. A potential leader and even a HR manager needs management and communication skills, leadership qualities for fruitful work. Institute of Economic and Management in Industry offers an advanced training course for HR managers, PR managers (marketers), department heads, purchasing managers and other employees working in the field of management. After completing our courses, you will be able to easily conduct complex negotiations, interview potential employees, discover new methods of increasing sales, and also be able to organize the work of your department with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of courses

The Institute of Economics and Management in Industry designed advanced training courses for HR managers, top managers and marketers, taking into account the most modern knowledge in the field of management. We monitor the relevance of our courses and always make the necessary changes in a timely manner. All our courses comply with generally accepted management standards.

You can take courses remotely without interrupting your professional activity.

Upon completion of refresher courses or professional retraining, you get a certificate or diploma on the completion of training under the program of additional vocational education.

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We offer the following courses:

5800.00 RUB
from 2900.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
6800.00 RUB
from 3400.00 RUB
7800.00 RUB
from 3900.00 RUB
8600.00 RUB
from 4300.00 RUB
11800.00 RUB
from 5900.00 RUB
11800.00 RUB
from 5900.00 RUB
3400.00 RUB
from 1700.00 RUB