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Professional retraining program “Accountant” is aimed at students who want to improve their professional status, importance in the labor market and, on the basis of the acquired professional knowledge, effectively organize and maintain accounting.
In addition, this program is open to anyone who has a secondary vocational or higher education in any profile and wants to get a new high-paying profession of an accountant.
The program was developed in accordance with the professional standard "Accountant", approved by order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia dated February 21, 2019 No. 103n.

After completing the courses, students:
will know:
• the basics of building accounting
• systems and principles of accounting
• the essence and purpose of accounting policies organizations;
• the composition of the organization’s financial statements and the requirements for it;
• principles of reporting;

• legal and accounting documents drawn up between the client and his counterparties;
• types of related services that the auditor (audit firm) can provide under the contract and methods of their implementation.
will be able to:
• comprehensively analyze the financial and economic activities of the company;
• to carry out work on setting up and maintaining accounting, forming an accounting policy, organizing work on calculating and transferring payments for various purposes;
• keep records of fixed assets, inventory and production costs;
• apply the principles, rules and methods of auditing basic business transactions;
• develop internal organizational and administrative documents regulating the organization and implementation of tax planning in an economic entity;
• form and apply an effective set of tax planning and tax optimization tools;
• efficiently process incoming information
• use automated accounting systems;

The course is intended for the following categories of students:
• accountants, auditors, analysts, consultants, and other interested persons who have accounting and analytical powers for making economic decisions and who want to improve their skills;
• individual entrepreneurs and specialists working for them;
• specialists of any profile (without training in the field of accounting) who want to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a new type of professional activity in the field of accounting, analysis and audit.

The course was developed under the guidance of experts:
L.R. Khazieva - a leading auditor in the field of general audit, a member of the SRO of auditors of the Association "Sodruzhestvo", a member of the community of teachers and masters of vocational education, mass media Internet publication Profobrazovanie (registration number SF-976);
V.V. Znamensky - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor of the Department of Economics, author of more than 80 scientific publications, textbooks on forecasting and planning in market conditions, taxation, risk management in the banking system of the Russian Federation;
E.E. ... Kovalevskaya - chief accountant, certified specialist in accounting and auditing, member of the community of professional accountants.

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Course content:
1. Accounting theory
2. Enterprise Economics
3. Tax accounting and tax planning
4. Financial accounting
5. Accounting and financial reporting
6. Audit
7. Accounting information systems
8. Comprehensive economic analysis of economic activity

When implementing an additional professional program, distance educational technologies (case training), e-learning, implemented through network forms, are used.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBooks Electronic Library System and the YURAYT Electronic Library, as well as to the Consultant Plus Help System.

After completing the course, based on the results of distance testing, a Qualification Certificate and a Diploma of Professional Retraining of the established sample are issued.