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Business planning

Business planning

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Effective development of almost any enterprise in modern conditions is not possible without the development of a business plan. Business planning makes it possible to determine the best option for the development of an enterprise for the near and distant periods in accordance with the parameters of the market and the possibilities of obtaining the necessary resources.
The course is intended for students who want to improve their skills, as well as for heads of enterprises, business owners, specialists in the field of economics and management.

After completing the course, students will:
- the basic laws of enterprise functioning in a market economy;
- mechanisms, principles of planning in conditions of competitive economic relations ;

- formulate, predict, substantiate the goals and objectives of drawing up a specific business plan, possible options for the development of market infrastructure and key economic indicators;

Course developer: A.N. Bogatko - candidate of economic sciences, expert of the Committee of the State Program "Digital Industry 4.0" of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

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The course "Business Planning" is a training program for those who wish to open their own business, improve their professional qualifications, as well as for the current leaders of the enterprise, specialists in the field of economics and management.

Course content:
• Content and organization of business planning in an enterprise
• Structure and content of sections of a business plan
• General recommendations for drawing up a business plan
• Features of drawing up separate sections of the business plan
• Drawing up a production plan
• Drawing up a financial plan

When implementing an additional professional program, distance educational technologies (case training), e-learning, implemented through network forms, are used.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBooks Electronic Library System and the YURAYT Electronic Library, as well as to the Consultant Plus Help System.

After completing the course, based on the test results, a Qualification certificate and a Certificate of advanced training of the established form are issued.