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HR manager

HR manager

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Professional retraining program for HR Manager "is designed to provide students with additional knowledge, skills and abilities in HR management; the formation and expansion of competencies necessary to perform professional tasks.

As a result of completing the course, students:

  • will master the basics of HR administration;
  • acquire knowledge and skills in diagnosing and resolving conflicts;
  • will study the basic methods of preventing and constructively resolving conflicts in professional activities;
  • will be able to use the basic theories of motivation, leadership and power to solve management problems;
  • will master modern technologies of personnel management;
  • master the technologies of the negotiation process,
  • will be able to find rational organizational and management decisions and be responsible for them;
  • will be able to assess the conditions and consequences of organizational and managerial decisions;
  • will acquire the skills to develop an organization's human resource management strategy, plan and implement activities aimed at its implementation;
  • will be able to organize and conduct the personnel certification procedure, recruit, select and recruit personnel.

The course is intended for specialists in the selection and adaptation of personnel, specialists in personnel career development, specialists in personnel and career guidance, specialists in employment services, specialists in consulting services, HR managers, HR directors and company leaders.

The course was developed under the guidance of experts:
V.A. Bakhmetyev - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Deputy Director General of the Institute for Economic and Social Research.
Yu.A. Gnidina - candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor, specialist in the field of theory and philosophy of state and law, social philosophy, theory of politics, conflict management, author of more than 40 publications, including two monographs and several textbooks.
M.V. Makarova - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory and World Economy, author of more than 35 scientific works and publications, including monographs, 6 textbooks, articles in indexed journals, Internet courses in economic disciplines.

Outcome document
Incl. 20 % TAX

Course content:
1. Personnel management and human resources of the company.
2. International cultural exchange and business communication
3. Psychology of Conflict
4. HR administration
5. Marketing
6. Career management
7. Corporate culture

When implementing an additional professional program, distance learning technologies (case-learning), e-learning, implemented through online forms, are used.
Listeners are provided with access to the course materials for 90 days.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBooks Electronic Library System and the YURAYT Electronic Library, as well as to the Consultant Plus Help System.

After completing the course, based on the results of distance testing, a Qualification Certificate and a Diploma of Professional Retraining of the established sample are issued.