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Career management

Career management

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Any person planning their future is based on their needs and socio-economic conditions.

When applying for a job, each employee sets certain goals for himself and wants to know the prospects for career growth, as well as opportunities for professional development in this organization. The organization, when hiring an employee, also pursues specific goals. Therefore, each person should be able to correlate his business qualities with the requirements that the organization and his work put before him. The success of his entire career depends on this.

The career management training program is designed to improve existing professional competencies, improve the professional level within the existing qualifications and obtain new professional competencies necessary for the high-quality performance of labor functions and responsibilities.

This course will be useful to all employees without exception, as well as specialists involved in the formation and implementation of systems of motivation and incentives for personnel at enterprises of any organizational and legal forms of ownership.

Persons with higher education or secondary vocational education, as well as additional vocational education are allowed to master this additional professional program.

Category of listeners:

  • specialists and heads of various departments of the organization,
  • career counseling specialists;
  • specialists of employment institutions;
  • HR managers
  • alumni of the areas of training "Management", "Human Resources", striving to acquire relevant knowledge;
  • persons with secondary vocational or higher education.

The course was developed under the guidance of Yu.N. Illarionova - Ph.D., author of more than 30 scientific and methodological works, three monographs on Personnel Management.

Outcome document
Incl. 20 % TAX

Course content:

  • Essence and typology of career
  • Career stages. Professional development phases
  • Choosing a career. Career Choice Rules
  • Fundamentals of Career Management
  • Personnel rotation as the main element of a business career management system
  • The specifics of organizing the career development of managers

When implementing an additional professional program, distance educational technologies (case training), e-learning, implemented through network forms, are used.

Participants have access to the course materials for 180 days.

In the course of training, all participants receive free access to the IPRBook Electronic Library System and the YURAYT Electronic Library, as well as to the Consultant Plus Help System.

After completing the course, based on the test results, a Qualification certificate and a Certificate of advanced training of the established form are issued.